Easter Charity Ride

Every year Kobbers Kruiser Klub organize a great charity ride.

This ride involves as many bikes as possible to all meet up at Regents Park to which every bike pays a participation fee which is all donated to the Randwick Children’s hospital.

I have had the pleasure of being part of such a great event for the last 2 years offering my time to take some photos.

All the photos are for sale for as little as $10.00 for the digital copy, which will be emailed to you. You will own the copy rights to the photo and you will be able to enlarge the photo as big as you like.

Please note that 100% of the sales will be donated to Randwick Children’s hospital.

I’m sure you all agree they are all great photos. I don’t mind donating my time for such a great cause so please make it worth it and I will continue to be part of it every year and any other event that will take place.

Also, unfortunately due to no written consent from the children’s parents when we all went upstairs to deliver the eggs I wont be able to add the photos to the website from this years event but there are some from 2011.

I hope you all enjoy them and feel free to write any comments below.